Jul 17, 2007
Stormy_77 (All reviews)
Greed Island is the second of 3 Hunter x Hunter OVAs. It chronicles Gon\'s search for his father, Jin/Ging Freecs. The only clue Gon has is the Greed Island game disc which is father left for him. Unfortunately he needs a special \"Joystation\" to play the game - and the Greed Island game is expensive (think $ Billions). Gon and Killua attempt to purchase the Greed Island game at auction. Thus begins the Greed Island OVA.

Similar to the first OVA and the Hunter x Hunter series, the animation is what we\'re used to - good but not fantastic. The sound is great even though by now it\'s really predictable. Opening and ending themes are interesting though.

The story is fantastic. Greed Island is a special NMORG (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) for Nen-users, and if a player\'s nen isn\'t good enough they will \"game over\" (DIE!). The premise seems simple but it\'s actually really exciting to play. Everyone competes to be the first to \"clear\" the game by collecting 100 cards. Cards can be acquired in a number of ways - questing, helping others, trading or ... well, player robbing/killing. Not only is the world dangerous, but so are the opposition players!

Well, the start of this is very exciting. After watching this you\'ll want to go out and buy a Greed Island game also. As a gamer I was hooked. Much to my NON-surprise, it seems some company capitalized on the success of the anime and made a Greed Island game.

The story and development are great. This OVA is when Gon and Killua finally develop their signature Ultimate Techniques. The Greed Island OVA also introduces a very interesting new character, Biske (Biscuit?), who looks like a young girl but is much more than meets the eye.

* Can Gon and Killua qualify to play the game?
* Will they be taken advantage of as newbies?
* Are they going to be able to cope with cute, threatening or plain weird monsters?
* How will they deal with other players with different motivations? Will they have a strategy to they survive player killers?
* Can they win?

Don\'t miss another exciting installment of Hunter x Hunter, Greed Island OVA 2!