Feb 24, 2012
Cowboy Bebop (Anime) add
First I need to say it: Cowboy Bebop is an highly overrated show.

Opening Sequence: 1
Ending sequence: 4
Rating: PT: Some violence her and there, nothing to intense.

This is a show that seems to have based it's success on not being an anime thus appealing to the average Joe as being just that; not an anime.

When watching Cowboy Bebop it became apparent to me that the show lacked what is needed to remain appealing in the slightest to a point where only fanservice without purpose would have saved it but alast that was nowhere to be found, it would at least have been better than what I got. Indeed what I got were a series of clichés turned into episodes.

As I watched episode after episode, I had an ever groing feeling the show was made by Hollywood, of course it wasn't but if it had been it would have explained these overused cheezy plots for most of the episodes.

The series is episodic and while that in itself is not a bad point it is bad when the director cannot pull such a series. Episode by episode series require for interesting stories in every episode to keep the show interesting unlike the plot driven series who can rely on a larger story or various arcs. The stories in Bebop were far from interesting, they weren't even complete; they showed part of a story in every episode and most of the time failed to complete it, pursuing meaningless aspects and eventually forgetting what it was suppose to be about. The best story in the show was surrounding Spike and his past, his battle with Vicious... When watching those episodes it seemed like a completely different show; indeed these episodes were quite good and even exciting. The series should have concentrated on this part rather than being the incarnation of fillers.

That's not to say that Vicious was interesting; when they made the show they structured Spike's past and then they must have thought it lacked a villain, so they threw one in for the sole purpose of having one. Vicious was there, he was evil and that was it. So no, Vicious didn't make those episodes more interesting, the stories were just a notch higher than the rest of the series in the episode dealing with Spike's past, plain and simple.

The characters were some of the most boring you can find. Spike was basically what the director thought was suppose to be cool, Faye is just fanservice but a failed version of it and Edward is you're clichéd hacker. Of course Edward as originallity in how weird he/she/it is but the fact remains Edward is you're basic "I can hack everything like a master" character. Faye didn't add anything stimulating to the show, she could have but they fell short on her, believing her purpose was fanservice and they were wrong since she didn't score high notes on that either. Of course there's Spike; while his past remains the most interesting of the bunch, his looks, his attitude and the overall feel of the character doesn't make him memorable. He basically stands there acting cool. Oh and there's the dog of course, yeah, the dog!

The past of most characters with the exception of Spike was rather forgettable and during the course of the show you don't get more attached to the characters nor do their relations evolve significantly. They bicker, they cross each other and they mostly act on their own and by the end they don't have any bases for a bond yet they start acting like they do. The series centers around each character's past so having only one of them being interesting was a big drawback indeed.

The music is diverse and of quality but in my case it lacked the feel I've gotten acustomed to love in anime tracks. It wasn't memorable though but if you enjoy Jaz you might have a different opinion on that.

The action was often short and that probably served to hide it's lacking aspects as it was never very intralling anyway. It was as if they believed it would snap us out of the boring display the show had been to that point.

Upon completing the show I realized that I didn't thought it was outright bad though, all in all, even though all the above is true, it did have some enjoyement into it but the immense cloud of hype surrounding it made it seem so much worse. Basically I fell from my high expectations when watching it so my advice is if you try it, just don't expect much.
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