Feb 22, 2012
DeadIEnd (All reviews)
White Fox does it again.

Instead of a generic beach episode that we witnessed maybe a million times already in many different anime series we get a true sequel to the Steins;Gate anime series in this special titled: Oukoubakko no Poriomania or in English Egoistic Poriomania.

And this special has everything. EVERYTHING!
Extremely funny comedy moments. Strong plot moments. Romance. Okarin speaking hilarious English. Christina with cat ears and in a maid uniform. Daru in an Hawaiian shirt. A Suzuha 'look-alike' that drinks with Okarin in a bar.

White Fox knows how to spend their budget right. If you seen many anime series you know that usually in these kind of special extra episodes we get some crappy beach episodes and not true sequels to their respective series.
But White Fox knows how to make their anime good and that's why I love you, White Fox.
We can now safely say that Steins;Gate boasts with an amount of zero filler episodes, every episode has a very strong importance to the plot.

Story: 10
The story in Oukoubakko no Poriomania starts on-the-mark from the very beginning.
We see Okarin walking in a desert-like road speaking to himself on his shiny closed cellphone (Damn I want a cellphone like his), saying the usual stuff we expect from him such as 'This is the choice of Steinzu Gaaiito (I always heard this line like he says Shota in za Gate) and El Psy Congroo.

After that the next scene shows our lab members preparing to go in a trip to America sponsored by Feiris.

And after that our lab members are shown in America, and Okarin obviously doesn't know English well so he gets himself arrested (A couple of times, even).

Almost every character (except Suzuha, but that's expected if you watched the main series) has their own special moment in this special. Okabe, Kurisu, Mayuri, Ruka, Feiris and even Daru and Moeka (Moeka even blushed for a bit! HNGGGG, my heart).

This special is indeed a very strong fanservice to the fans, just without any boobs or ass. What I mean by fanservice is a service with strong plot moments and hilarious comedy.

Art & Animation: 9
The art and animation have improved by a whole margin from the main series. Characters are drawn better and the animation looks more fluid than ever, with much less 'QUALITY'.
The America scenery is also believable and looks great.

Sound: 10
Miyano (Okabe) and Imai (Kurisu) sound much like in the main series, and their voice acting along with all the other characters is top-notch. Hacking to the Gate is used as the ED, and some tracks from main series along with some new additions are present.

Character: 10
Okabe - Much like in the main series, he is crazy and lovable.
Kurisu- Tsun done right, Dere done even better.
Mayuri- Has her moments.
Daru- He looked awesome in the Hawaiian shirt.
Ruka- Daga Otoko Da.
Feiris- Moe.
Moeka- Quiet and has her secrets.
Suzuha- Wasn't shown in this special, but we get to see a 'look-alike' of her.
Mr. Brown and Nae- Not much to say about them.

Enjoyment: 10
I have received a very high enjoyment from this special. Everything was in the winning formula, much like the main Steins;Gate series.

Overall: 10
This special shows that anime still has a future. Every anime studio should learn from White Fox how to make their anime good.

I'll be also writing reviews for:
1.The main Steins;Gate series after I'll finish reading the visual novel.
2.The Steins;Gate movie.
3.The inevitable Robotics;Notes anime adaptation in the future.