Feb 20, 2012
firefull12 (All reviews)

The story is great. As most hero's in anime our main protaginest has a dark past that he is trying to repeant for, In this its more of the fact that Edward wants to get his brothers body back hopely getting ride of the giult he feels toward forcing his brother to lose it in the first place.

The whole story flowed well, even though I didnt like that it didnt follow the manga story line (if you are looking for this cheack Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood) I like how they changed what the homunculus and that idea changed the whole story around on his head giving it unpredictablity that I loved.


Overall the story/plot rocked my world.


The art was great, It was well drawn and very detailed in my opinion they couldnt have done much better.


Not much to say It wasnt the best but the effects were good and well timed, music was great but then again in most action anime it is.


The characters were interseting and all showed good humor when it was needed. Edward being the main character along with his brother alphonce.

Howoever the other characters were good as well expetually the military men and the homunculus.

The only probelm with this is that I dont like how Winry and Riza were so alike, renchs and bullets both pointed at someone to keep them in line not to mention they looked to much alike.


The was very freaken awesome overall. Everything was donw well and the ending was epic. I see myself watching this again soon and I'm sure that it you see it you will most likely like it was well.