Feb 19, 2012
lakshika (All reviews)
People who loved Death Note are sad because an epic anime came to an end. But for those fans, this anime movies (OVA) are like music in their ears and chcolate in their mouths. And I'm one of them. I have missed L and if you watch this, you won't regret it ever. Everyone is back in this. The music is great - it makes you want to stand up and cheer for L or Light - it's your call. Also, fantastic background sounds. The art is very smooth and clear. It makes you beg for more. The English dub actors make a memorable performance (L's sexy English voice is back, yeah!) that you don't want to forget. There are some scenes added which is awesome and this movies tells us that maybe there will be another Death Note coming I hope. I longed for this and I am fully satisfied and enjoyed it to the max. A must-watch masterpiece! I just hope that they make more anime like this because it gives newfound respect and quality to anime that makes us proud to say we are anime lovers.