Feb 12, 2012
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“Maken Ki” a very pure made anime focusing on fan service.

For all those harem, ecchi fanatic out there this is your anime to watch. This anime is full of scenes where the ecchi-ness reaches its peak. Ranges from accidently walking into the room where the girl is changing to clothing getting shredded by fighting matches. Yes, this anime is action based as the source of the fan service. I’m not saying there are no storyline, but it would’ve been better if the story was more developed. This may not be like Ikki Tousen or Tenjou Tenge because it’s fighting scene isn’t smooth; it’s more like a magical shoujo archetype.
Artwork-wise, the characters are drawn nicely, and there are plenty of fan service since this a fan service base harm ecchi anime. I understand the art of fan service but the artist overly exaggerated the female characters bust size. It’s very un-proportional to the characters’ body ratio. I’m not saying it’s a bad point because having this characteristic makes the harm ecchi genre more successful but if it wasn’t necessary to make this kind of arrangement. If it was a little more reserved this anime would’ve received a better rating and more viewership. I’m not saying that there aren’t times where this trait made the fan service to its peak but to be honest having it made the anime a little unconventional.
Sadly to say, the fan service was more developed than the story itself. All the character’s personality is right out of the book, no originality. The plot was good, but if script focused more on deepening the story and made the characters engage in battle a lot more, it would’ve made it a lot more interesting. Despite this the producers went with the classic high school type story which wasn’t bad but it was too boring. I had hopes for this anime but end up disappointed. All there was are panty shots, flashing half naked bodies with big bust... it was fine for a few scene but got sick of the same scene over and over, just grew tired of it.
(*For the readers who are reading this and are disagreeing with these points or just getting a little angry, please keep in mind this is only my opinion I know everyone have their own preferences but wouldn’t you think those points are relevant?)
The opening and ending made me realize the true purpose of this anime and that is to satisfy those viewers who love a good harem, ecchi with a hint of romance anime. It seems like there will be another season but like most anime that also secretly hinted, it seems that this series was pretty badly viewed; meaning that the chances of another season are pretty low.
If you are a person who prefers a casual, ecchi anime with tons of fan services than a complex anime then you won’t be disappointed with Maken-Ki. It has some action, a little comedy, and a lot of ecchi scene. If only the story was more in depth it would be nice. I’m not that big of a fan of panty shots or a lot of huge half naked chest scenes so I think this anime is dedicated to those entire fanatics who like those scene and a whole lot fan service harem so enjoy!! If you’re not one of those people then … don’t watch it, you’ll just get bored!