Feb 8, 2012
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Future? A unknown phenomenon that occurs after the present moment. You’ll never know what might be in store for you so the only thing you must do is gather your courage and determination and march forward!!

If you have watch the prequel of this story then you will not be disappointed however have you ever wonder who was the girl with the blue hair was. She always appears when the main characters are in a slump, troubled on what to do next. Exactly who and what is she? a deity? a ghost? She appears and then disappears without a trace. Also who was Himura, he seemed to know a lot of the answers regarding life but is it from personal experience? He was waiting for someone and in the end the first series, he was waiting for Yuko, the girl with blue hair but who is she and what exactly is their relationship? Well you are about to find out in this sequel to E.F: A Tales of Melodies!! If you like the first series with the crazy philosophical sense in the artwork and in the setting then you w]on’t be let down. This time it isn’t just full of drama.. it has action too.
This time this story is focus on the characters that were giving guidance (Himura, Yuko and Kuze) to the protagonists of the first series. We get to look into the proof behind those words that help the young protagonist out, starting with the view the relationship that Himura had while he was in high school. After all Himura is the protagonist of the story and present Kuze. That’s right instead of 3 male lead, its 2!
This series rather than focusing on the emotional dilemmas and love ties like “A tales of Memories” this series does indeed has those trait incorporated but it takes them to a whole another level. This one incorporates the themes from the prequel plus the addition of torture and suffering of losing someone. The only difference is whether one wants to enjoy ever last moment they have or try to forget them before they get to deep. The protagonist is rather considerate to others yet very cruel to himself. He would rather suffer and die alone without bothering anyone or hurting anyone too deeply. In one view point he is very courageous but in another viewpoint he is very conceited. Though it is a really painful decision to make and not anyone could have this determination to break all ties.
The other protagonist however is face with a more traumatizing dilemma. Everyone has a scar that can never heal after losing a loved one in an accident, but everyone has their own way of recovering over it. In Himura’s scenario, it’s rather intense. He encounters his childhood friend who got adopted before him and learned something horrifying about her. Nobody could be more prepared to suddenly lose a loved one. No can cope with the facts right away. Wounds take time to heal especially the one in the heart, but this scenario is insane. “When one thinks of another’s feeling and blame oneself, it actually makes the other suffer more. But when the one inflicting the pain is the one who felt the most pain. When one loses a loved one, one could recover by the comfort and support from family or friend but what if that family or friend is the one you lost and there’s no one else who could help you? This person found a replacement for their loved one. Instead of showering them with emotion of the one they lost, they inflict pain on the innocent. However there is a twist!!...
As the plot deepens, the story gets more realistic in the way where we could somewhat apply in our own lives. This story shows us a grander psychological angle. However the similarity between both characters is that they are both running away from reality. They seem to be thinking they are doing the right thing but that is only for self-satisfaction. They are insecure and thinking it’s the right thing to do. However they are scared to face the truth!

As always the artwork is fantastic as well, the symbols of the scenery really capture the mood and setting. Plus the variety of colors really describe the mood of the characters and sort of sending out a subliminal message on how the viewers should feel. The characters are drawn in the same way as the first series, and the character get drawn in a different frame all locked up to inscribe to us how they are feeling inside. Showing us this abstract scene really get oneself engross on the character. This part I don’t despise but sometime I feel frighten on how the story unravel. However that is this anime’s hook!

This anime is truly a beautiful piece of work. It is magnificent, how the story is laid out the way it is. I especially like how it has more than one male lead in these romance stories because that way the story does end and not leave the viewer hanging and also for other people to not loathe the author for not matching up the character with the one they chose.

Honestly to sum up this series, I’ll end with a quote!
This is a story of “Will.” “People who walk toward the future will eventually reach the place that they once dreamt of. Toward the tomorrow that gleam of light”

I highly recommend this anime to those fanatics out there who really loves a good romantic, sad and tragic anime. You will really enjoy this and will be engross with it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Can you hear it? The Melody of Truth

Fun Fact that I notice:
The pen name that from the first series that Hirono Hiro used was “Shinto Nagi”
“Shinto” last name from Shinto Kei
“Nagi” First name from his sister Hirono Nagi