Jun 8, 2008
Cookie-chan- (All reviews)
If your in the mood for some more Sailor Moon adventures, I would highly suggest you watch this last season of the wonderful, romantic, comedy of Sailor Moon.

First of all, let me tell you, I can agree on why Sailor Moon Sailor Stars wasn't licensed for the american dub version. If you watch this series, you will find out why. But enough with that matter, let me tell you what I thought of this amazing season of Sailor Moon.

I personally thought the story deserved higher that a 6, at that matter. The story was actually well thought out and planned detail to detail. Naoko Takeuchi had really improved since SuperS. I mean, how the new characters incorperated right into the story perfectly. The Starlights added a new sense of different careers in the story and how Seiya tried his/her best to be like a 'new' Mamoru for Usagi.

The art had pretty much improved since SuperS, in my opinion. The detail and different colors use to express the characters was amazing. I really thought that the design of the new senshi outfits was absolutly genius! Also, I must say, Sailor Moon's Moon Tier was really detailed and perfetly executed the attacks every episode.

The sound in the series really got me into the season more and more. The new opening theme really changed the sense of the series after the same theme song season after season. Change was definetly in order. But I must admit, some of the songs the 3 Lights sang weren't very good in my opinion. I understand they were looking for their princess for a very long period of time but I never got use to the songs they sang.

The Starlights intro into the series really up-ed my opinion on the rating of Character. Yet, in the anime, how they were changed into Male to Female really didn't make me happy. I'm sure Naoko diefinetly felt the same way. Anyways, away from that matter, I believe that most of the characters didn't change that much, yet I enjoyed how they comforted Usagi in her hard times.

The enjoyment of the series difinetly deserved a 10/10 in my opinion. The story brought along many happy, sad, romantic, ect., to the series. I think that Naoko did an exceptional job on this season and the manga at that.

Overall, this series deserves a 10/10! The series was outstanding to me and was one of the first anime I watched when I was young. The series always kept me at the edge of my seat and I really enjoyed some humor here and there. If you are in the mood for an amazing series, I highly reccomend this series to any mahou shoujo anime fan out there. The series was excellent to me and I bet any Sailor Moon fan would agree.