Feb 4, 2012
Ba-el (All reviews)
The story: Absolutely adorable. The gradual growth of feelings between the two boys is incredibly cute and definitely pulls at the heart strings. I found myself squealing at my computer screen QUITE often.

The art: GORGEOUS. I'm very picky about art and it can either make or break a manga for me, but this art definitely made it. Everything was fantastic and facial expressions were expressive and SO cute. I absolutely adored it.

The characters: Throughout the manga, we see a steady growth of not only the relationship between the two boys, but also the growth of the boys themselves. You really see Endou start to break out of his shell and Yamai become an even sweeter, and mature guy. It was great to watch.

Overall: Overall this manga was fantastic. A realistic, cute and heart warming story, characters that you will definitely fall in love with, and to top it off, considerably aesthetically pleasing! The ONLY thing I can complain about is that I wish there was more! 6 chapters is the standard length for most yaois, but I think this one DEFINITELY deserved to be longer!