Feb 2, 2012
ray357 (All reviews)
If one day some beautiful girl suddenly appear in front of you and told you, you have the power to fix the evil released into the world, would you do it??

Well then if you like a simple, cutesy romantic comedy then I recommend this one for you. Here is your typical romantic comedy anime, where you have a average high school boy encounters a sudden appearance of a goddess who came out of nowhere and changed his life.
This is a typical harem romantic comedy, there isn't much to say about this piece. We have of course the main lead, Yuuri, like all male characters in harem, all his stats are average, nothing special expect his lineage and he live in a shrine.
Also we have Mashiro, the goddess who randomly shows up, who has the composed, elegent obedient wife. Who does everything with courtesy to other.
Mifuyu, the girl with the most pride and don't really like to rely on others
and of course the classic stock character Ameri, the tsundere childhood friend who isn't true to her feelings

The story is very simplistic, the leads encounters, a brief summary of what need to be done, and we're off. This piece lacks depth and contrast, but i guess that wasn't the main theme of the anime. I think the producers aim what the art work because many of the characters were drawn very cute and nicely, its amazing and some are a hit and miss, (has strong point occasionally). The villains are set halfway between known as evil but turns out to be good. They have no evil intent only a little discomfort of being around humans.

If you are a person who likes romantic comedy and wanted something casual but yet random then this is for you. You won't get hooked but you would like to continue watching. It's a very pleasant anime to watch and sometimes it has it funny points. I couldn't really come to hate this anime but it is a nice change of pace. Give it a try, the artwork is pretty cutely drawn!