Jan 31, 2012
ray357 (All reviews)
Well truth to be told, if you are reading this.. then you've probably watched season one and anxious to see what season two is about. Well season one is started out pretty good. Starting with a fighting scene on the very first episode really hooks you in. However that is how this entire franchise is going to be like.

I can see how it's very allure to watch this anime with all the suspense they give you and the mystery provided. Like how at the end of season one, many mystery has not yet been solve, which cause many more question. Season one was pretty good is the aspect of sequence of events and moments of suspense. This anime is very short anime with very very short arcs. Season one was the longest where we get to see every character and then near the end focused on one character which is "Misato Aoi" Season two however is full of confusion and just plain terrible. But at the very least the producer tried to fix it. Here's why....

I will say this season two contains a better story, more mystery and increased in suspense but the procedure or the events weren't executed to reach the satisfactory point. The first 5 episode arc was about this Justice assassination organization. If was an pretty good intro to the mastermind of the destruction and is gave us what should we expect to see in the next few eps. However it wasn't executed properly. The characters weren't properly introduced, the producer tried to deepen our knowledge of the character but not to the full therefore leaving us back to square one. A lot more characters true identity ore motives came to light but it had no connection to the story at all. Like the second arc, Stars of Fate, the four guardians were even given a reasonable amount of screen time for us to get to know them as the guardian. I know it's suppose to be unknown but they shouldn't at least gave us a hint that they have met before or at least encounter.(talking about the Alan Claude). The most terrible thing about this anime is that they completely ignore the strong point of the anime is the fluid fighting scenes. I actually looked forward to the fighting scenes but instead they made the enemy way to powerful and that somehow instead of close combat it's more like a one hit KO or a super powerful beam. The last episode of season two is even more despicable!!
The ending of 23 was awesome, very strong, very powerful but they complete ignore the fight and went back to the aftermath or the ending of the show instead of slowly guiding us through it. People want to see the fight but they didn't show us what we want. It's like trying to watch a movie but half way through at the FREAKEN CLIMAX they cut us off and show us the ending. The worst part is they realize what they've done and just added a small cut scene of it. The last two episode of season two is a sort of a bonus for us to get a better feel of the characters and a little more of the aftermath, but honestly disappoint me because I'm pretty sure it could've been inserted somewhere in the actual season as a part of an arc instead of a bonus, for more effect. It's like they are trying to fix things up.
The music and art i have no complaint about, they were both drawn and inserted very nicely, characters personality very much suit how the character are drawn.

Honestly if you were going to watch this season and hoping that the mysteries from the first season were going to be solved and unravel then you are looking at disappointment!! SERIOUSLY!! However if your just looking at anime just to kill some time and like action and suspense mainly appealing to shounen viewers then this may be the one for you but don't expect to much from this!