Jun 6, 2008
Enge (All reviews)
Seikimatsu Darling was a short and cute show. It is an old show so the art was not as stunning as I'm used to, but the story makes up for it. It's the kind of show that you wish there was more of, but at the same time you're not disappointed about what's there.

Seikimatsu Darling has something for those hard-core yaoi fans and those new to the genre wrapped up in an absolutely hilarious show. I was chuckling to myself from beginning to end and at some parts found myself laughing hysterically. For those of you who are confused reading the summary at the top of the page, what they mean by their feelings being too much alike is that they are both seme ( because I know I was confused as hell XD )

That's not to say there's no romance. There are definitely many moments where you want to just go "Awwwww~~~". There's nothing too serious though, so if you looking for a serious show this isn't for you.

Anyway, I highly recommend this show to everyone, especially if you're a fan of yaoi. Despite its length, I would definitely put this show up with the classics.