Jan 28, 2012
AnOddPerson (All reviews)
This manga follows a fairly standard format, with some chapters standing alone and some connected to eachother.
Good luck figuring out which are which though, the character designs are really very similar in most of the stories. On top of that, the early chapters don't really set up the plot, they seem to throw you into the middle of something where you don't really know what's going on.
I personally found the first three chapters a bit confusing.

I must say that it improved later. Starting with chapter 4, the way the stories were set up was far more to my taste. I particularly enjoyed the connected sixth and seventh chapters.

The storylines are again fairly standard, with a range of variants on popular scenarios. Tutors, cousins, debt collector, nephew/uncle and male!maid. If you have a problem with incest, this is not the manga for you. It's not the most original fare, but with things like these they're popular because they work.

The art is my favorite thing about this manga. While I do find a lot of the characters a bit too similar in appearance, it's a -nice- similar appearance. The art is very clean and lives up to what you see on the cover. Facial expressions are very good, and the sex scenes are quite nice, detailed but reasonably mild (by which I mean, you clearly see cock but it doesn't go into interior shots or anything).

A lot of manga with this collection-of-short-stories format have problems with character - the characters don't have enough time to develop, and you don't get particularly attached to them. Tsurukusa no Niwa does fall victim to that a little, but it does a fairly good job of giving it's characters their own personalities.

Overall, Tsurukusa no Niwa is far from being my perfect manga, but it's faults aren't too severe and it has good points to make up for them. It's not the greatest, but it's still good.