Jun 5, 2008
ethann (All reviews)
Kamisama Kaoku is about the God's family who lives on earth and the life ofGod's son who falls in love with a girl from his high school. And the twists that come about as he realises his feelings which he has for his life-long friend and guardian angel.

I think the story is unique, it is definitely your fantasy-romance kind of anime. There was a good deal of romance in the anime and the drama was present as wellso if you are a romance-drama fan you might like it. However, the story does not have an outlying plot that encompasses the whole anime so there are like small arcs of 2-3 episodes, only the romance is continuous throughout the story. Which i partly because it was so short i guess, had it been longer a better storyline could have been developed, thus this anime had a lot of potential.

The style of drawing is different from your more popular anime style and its quite refreshing for a change. I found it quite suited for this anime, since it was a romantic comedy it was good in depicting comical scenes.

The sound was so-so ,not that there was anything outstanding about it at all no insert songa either so can't say the studio did their best with the music.

The characters were not very deep, but they still portrayed the typical high school lovelife behaviour to a comical degree at points. It is because of the lack of seriousness in the romance that i did not find it so captivating. There are only a few character in the anime and the supporting characters are just for comic relief with no significant roles.

I enjoyed the comedy in the anime, as well as the romance but as i said earlier its not to the degree that i truly enjoy. However, the story line is quite different from your typical highschool love affair because of the dabble of fantasy in it so it makes quite an ok anime.

If your up for a comedy and not so serious romance then this anime is for you, it had good potential but it was not built upon so for a 13 ep anime its quite good, so if your up for a short break from the serious tones of some horror or psychological anime then give this one a try.