Jan 24, 2012
mangalover939 (All reviews)
Mod Note: This review was originally posted for "Slice of Black Chocolate", which was subsequently merged into "Chocolate".

"This is a an amusing tale with a wonderful twist."

Most one shots are known to not have a developed or 'deep' stroy, the characters mostly never connect to the reader and the romance/drama etc: is unrealistic, but in less than 11 pages this one shot gives you a 'full' feeling.

The story and way the manga was written was definetly unexpected and when reading I was extremely confused, but after examining the story ( and reading it another 3 times) I finally understood it.
The art was very good and the author, Mihara Mitsukazu, portrayed the characters well and developed them very well thoughout the story in a very short time.

In a way the story is sad and I wish it was just a little longer to know a little more.
I can't wait to read other magas similar and it is definelty recomemded.