Jan 21, 2012
Randomman (All reviews)
I started this show with high hopes; needless to say I was let down. I liked the aesthetic, the characters seemed ok and I liked the premise. All signs pointed in a positive direction.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what this show lacked: direction.

Aside from establishing the premise, very little is done to advance the plot throughout the show. Most of the show is episodic, and the archs don't build up to anything. It really seemed like the creators didn't know where it was all supposed to go.

One of the things that disappointed me was the fighting, or the lackthereof. From the beginning they establish a universe with potential for awesome, supernatural fighting, and even introduce a number of characters that would probably be pretty awesome for that kind of show. In the end, there was really only a couple of fight scenes, and most (if not all) of them involved the same couple of characters.

It's also disappointing considering those fights ultimately meant nothing. They had nothing to do with any overarching plot because there was none; at least, not until very late in the show.

The ending for this show was pretty bad. It didn't do anything interesting with what the show brought to the table, and was downright terrible from an action standpoint. If it had introduced some kind of twist or something, then it might have redeemed the show a little bit, but it didn't.

Since both the action and the plot were nonexistent, there's really not much reason to like this show, though I will give it that the aesthetic and comedy were nice. It's a show that could have been nice had they decided whether or not fighting was what they were going for, but they couldn't make up there mind, and in the end they had nothing to show for it.