Jun 4, 2008
Vin-nii (All reviews)
Picked this one up at the start of the week, looks pretty good.

Story: (9)
"Until death do us part" is about a blind assassin (who can only see shapes of objects thanks to supersonic technology) kicking badass with a walking cane/katana. He is accompanied by a tech support guy and a small girl who can "predict the near future" (not quite sure how to word it, so i'll just go with the Bakafish translation). With the assitance of the tech and the girl, the blind guy goes around protecting the streets, saving people and doing the odd jobs that police can't do...
Okay, to put it simply, it's about a blind GAR kicking some badass with a sword. Too bad such storyline lacks originality.

Art: (8)
Considering the high amount of action in the manga, the artist didn't do too bad drawing the actions. The drawing style is pretty serious, not much funny faces and clumsy situations ( like your shounen and stuff, think Angel Heart or City Hunter). The only critisism is that the faces are drawn a bit too simply
(think Naruto)

Characters: (10)
cold, insensitive GAR: 10
damsel in distress: 10
tech support with lazt attitude and smart-ass comments: 10

These characters are pretty much essentail to the plotline of "GAR protecting the streets in his own way". It might be a bit repetitive, but that's what we like XD.

Enjoyment: (10)
Personally, I enjoy GAR manga with lots of fight scenes.
Until Death Do Us Part pretty much staisfy all my needs.

Overall (9)
With such a classic storyline, cast and it's pretty good battle scenes. I really wwanted to give this a 10. But it's lack of facial detail and lack of originality really hit the weak spot.