Jan 21, 2012
fbh (All reviews)
I won't waste time reviewing Dragonball because it think that by now most people know it and already have their own opinion about it.
I'll just focus on Kai and the changes it has

Story 10/10.
Ok, so the story in dragonball has never been really complex or deep, but it's still fun to watch.
In my opinion, the biggest improovement Kai has over DBZ is that all the anoying fillers are gone and now the story goes, mostly, acording to the manga. No more eternal power charging, no more eternal "he is so strong" internal monologues a no more feeling that nothing really happened in the last 10 chapters. Yeah there are some fun filler missing, like when goku and picolo go to the driving school, but in the end what is gained with the exclusion of the filler is far more than what is lost.
I've read here that the story got cut out, that's not true, they just cut out all the filler that made the original Dragonball anime a pain to whatch for the poeple that have read the original manga.

Art 5/10.
The art in dragonball has allways been decent considering the times when it was released. But just as the new opening makes you believe at first, this could have been a real remake but the only thing we get here are the exact same animation but on a higher resolution, that's all.

Sound 9/10.
The audio has been remade and sounds great. After finishing KAI I watched some episodes of the original anime and the difference was clear.
I also liked some of the aditions to the soundtrack, though not all of them.

Enjoyment 10/10.
At least to this date, this is the best way to watch dragonball.
If you are a newcomer to the world of dragonball you will be able to see the story and fights just as Toriyama made them in the original manga.
If you already saw the original anime or manga you will be able to go throught this all time classic once again without having to be tortured by the neverending fillers.

Overall 8/10.

It's good, but it could have been so much more.
I really would have loved to see a real remake with the kind of animation that we get in the opening of kai.