Jan 15, 2012
Nyatairius (All reviews)
I love 'Yosuga no Sora'.

Be it the soft-hentai or if its the story itself.

Many people cannot get over the fact that there is lack of character development and class and as such.
But, I don't think that is the main point of 'Yosuga no Sora'.

Its last episode especially.
It lets an individual judge what is 'Right' and what is 'Wrong'.
To be judged by others that it is 'Wrong' or to stay true to yourself.

After all, it is 'Incest'. Not every individual is able to adapt to the idea itself.
But, the irony comes in whereby,

"Is it wrong to stay true to whom you love?"
Or is it 'Right' to lie to yourself and be judged 'Correctly' by society itself.

Not everyone is capable of answering the above question or even comfortable with it.

That's where the anime also comes in, as it refines and indicates your own views on that is 'Right' and what is 'Wrong' to you.

On a side note, I am very open-minded. And I welcome all kinds of 'Love' and am not affected by the very society I live, if not, we live in.
I can answer the question easily.

I rather stay true to whom I love than lie to myself. Even if its Incest.