May 30, 2008
maybelletea (All reviews)
I just sort of randomly requested this from my library on a whim, knowing what it was about but not quite sure what to expect.

Tokyo Godfathers is the story of 3 homeless people: a tranvestite, a runaway teenager, and an ashamed father. On Christmas Eve, they encounter a baby in the trash that was seemingly abandoned by its mother. The soon began to take care of it, some more eagerly than others. However, taking care of this baby allowed them to remind them the reality of their situations, and what to maturely do about it.

The one thing about the story and that it was very realistic. The characters were really believable. There was no one overly perky or unrealistic, they just acted and talked like regular people, and that was pretty refreshing considering all the generic stereotypical characters that are often seen.

The characters' relationship with one another was interesting. I think they could all relate to each other, the fact that they all had nowhere to go, and no one to be with expect themselves, and also that they had done something that had landed them in their situation.

Animation was very well done. Nothing exactly stood out, but the movements were fluid, and everyone in the screen was actually moving at the same time.

While it's not the best anime movie you'll ever sit down to watch, it's a nice story with some lessons to be learned, and it was very entertaining.