May 30, 2008
melancholy (All reviews)
this review is based on:
25 episodes of the anime seen
Episodes 1-15 of the English dub
& Episodes 15-25 of Japanese w/ English Subtitles
This review contains mild spoilers to refer back to, so be careful!
Please keep in mind this review is meant for people who have seen the anime.

My notes & Opinion on this anime
[This portion is meant for people who don't want to read the whole review.]

If you're into high school comedy romance, Peach Girl should be on your "plan to watch" list. But this anime is one of those love it or hate it anime. You either REALLY love the drama that goes on, the characters, and the conflicts. Or you seriously hate how unrealistic, annoying, and overly dramatic it can be.

This anime was EXTREMELY hard for me to score because there are times when I thought this anime was very poorly written, unrealistic, and had annoying characters. But other times, it completely turns around and I end up loving the anime! There are MANY elements in this anime that make it both strong, and weak. I predicted I'd hate this anime, but I ended up becoming addicted to Peach Girl. This isn't the most amazing anime I've seen, but it caught me and left me in tears. That's why I give this anime an 8


The Good: There are a lot of love triangles going on in this anime. Momo x Touji, Toji x Sae, Momo x Kairi, Kairi x Misao, etc...
When the anime is focusing on Momo and the two guys she's chasing after, Touji and Kairi, this anime is very nicely done. I love how the author was able to illustate Momo and her feelings between these two guys, and how these guys feel for her.

The Bad: Ok... there are a LOT of points where the situations in this anime have been dragged out so much that it starts to become unrealistic. There are too many plot twists, and the anime tends to repeat the same story over and over. The author is trying to create these complicated situations that end up making no sense, and it's just over the top. Momo, the main character, keeps going back and forth between boys, to the point where you can't connect with the characters that well. The word "I love you" is VERY overused in this anime, along with kissing.
This is probably something that'd make watchers drop the anime after the first 10 or so episodes, but if you keep watching, the anime starts to get better. A little.


I just want to say one thing to the animators: Just because it looked good in the manga, does NOT mean it'll look good in the anime. The art style of this anime was kind of hard to look at. Especially their lips, solid shading, etc... I have to admit that the original manga art is a lot nicer to look at. But the anime killed the art. I would have gotten into the anime more if the animation didn't look so choppy. The art in the anime is defiantly one of the weak points, but for me it was bearable.


The music is very recognizable for one thing. It's not bad but what i sort of hated was how the BGM used the same tracks over and over. i mean, they play the EXACT same song everytime the characters go to school, wake up, or take a walk. And then the SAME song always plays when a break up occurs. It gets quite repetitive.
The opening and ending theme song are nice. I also heard the english version of the OP and ED and thought it was much better than the japanese one. I don't think you can find it anywhere on the internet sadly...


Ok. This is defiantly the author's strongest, and weakest point. There are some characters that I absolutly hate, and some that I absolutly love.
For example, Kashiwagi Sae: Momo's enemy. I'm sorry but, the way she thinks is so overly inhumane and b*tchy to the point where she tears apart the whole anime and makes it unrealistic. She tries to lie to Momo's boyfriend so she can have him all to herself, but her lies are not very well thought out and the other characters are too naive. Every time I see her, I feel like I hate the anime even more and more. I mean, there are characters that interfere with the main character but Sae is just... a female version of Makoto from School Days. But worse.

On the plus side, there's Okayasu Kairi. He's probably one of the most unique and lovable characters I have ever seen in anime. One of those characters you wish you could meet in real life because his personality is just so carefree, lively, and hilarious. He puts a smile on my face and turns the whole anime around! Kairi is defiantly one of those well built characters that makes you love Peach Girl more and more!

There are other characters who seem to be a bit... useless and unnecessary. The ones who are "important", but the anime could still be told with out them. From Jigoro to Morika, I found no real point of having them in the anime.
As for the main character, Momo, i honestly found nothing special about her, but she's not someone to hate. In a way, I don't see what it is about her personality that makes Kairi and Touji go head over heals for her, but the way the author illustrates it makes you able to connect with these characters.

Dub vs Original
If you ask me, I see no difference. The only thing that was kinda weird was transitioning voices. In the english dub, Momo sounds like a strong and loud character, but in Japanese she sounds really soft and shy. It kind of affect her personality and the way I thought about her. I like Kairi's voice in the English version more than the Japanese version.

Ending Statements
I did cry at many points in this anime, but I still thought it was OK. It's one of those anime that are addictive, but not exactly overly amazing. In a way, I feel like the author is sharing part of what happened in their life within this anime. I didn't end up hating this anime, but this should go on my top 30 anime list. Give this anime a try :D