Jan 5, 2012
Yukariki (All reviews)
Steady x Study... where have I seen you before?

How do you intrigue me more than works like Clannad and Kanon? Is this the first love at first sight my high school buddies always talked about? You are always at the rooftop of the high school I often visit. I always see you alone looking at the sky, flying CG paper airplanes and drinking juice boxes repeatedly. The backgrounds you are always at feels surreal and the raindrops look like chalk drawings; it mystifies me as a viewer and draws me in. Thus, I often hear these remarks: sometimes, you shout random hiragana and consider that material for story. Sometimes, you try to make people laugh, but people don’t. Sometimes, you try to put drama, symbolism, and characterization into the work, but people put it off as blunt and boring. However, you are special and that’s what that matters.

Why are you always alone, my dear? Do you ever feel sad being alone?

I sometimes cannot hear you in the beginning; your lovely voice is too soft as the trains and the cars loudly pass us by. However, when you speak up, I cry with glee. You speak well and I remember all your lines well. Your singing in the beginning opening animation made me sniffle for more. When the drum beats, it is done in taste. When your voice reaches falsetto, your voice mixes with the air; I call it raspy beautifulness. The synths make a great companion, never distracting me from your singing; whoever is playing should get an accolade for making even the great composer Chopin cry in his grave. Why does this song not deserve the reputation of being a memorable love song?

The music that you have carefully put in when it comes to dramatic scenes give a lot of meaning and uniqueness to the work. I can listen you play the instruments all day; every work feels very similar to each other and cohesive by nature. Sometimes, I make the mistake of mistaking one song as another. Nevertheless, when you play your music, you play at appropriate times and I am mesmerized by your skillful playing.

I don’t want you to be alone anymore.

I repeat my opening question I begin in this letter, “Steady x Study... where have I seen you before?” I think the answer is simple, my love... you are everywhere. You are everything I know that is true before my eyes. I have seen you before in so many other places and that’s why you’re special to me. You are special because the world revolves around you; Steady x Study, you are the light of my life.

I think I am in love with you. Madly in love with you. Should we go to your father, Idea Factory, and get married now? I don’t have a wedding ring with me right now, but... Really? You love me? I’m glad.

I love you too.