Jan 4, 2012
Yemi_Hikari (All reviews)
This particular Anime started off on the wrong foot but in the end left me looking forward to the second season. The first four episodes are heavy handed and will be a challenge for some to get through. The best way to put it is, this Anime is set up like most Historical dramas are. The start of the storyline is about setting up the history for those who don't know anything about the history, because otherwise the viewer would find themselves confused.

However, unlike most Historical dramas just about any fan of Historical Fiction will be left in the dark because this particular show creates its own history. Which is rather ironic because there is this constant talk about recreating history running through the entire show, yet it hasn't become clear to me yet which part of history they've been trying to recreate. This has left me wondering if we'll ever find out or if the characters only think they are recreating the history that is down in their books. Which would be a definite satirical about how people have tried to recreate history over the years.

The art work for the Anime is spectacular despite the fact the artist has a tenancy to exaggerate the female chest area. The drawings are filled with detail and there is a wide variety of character designs. You also have buildings that look very much like the historical buildings you would see in Japan mixed in with intricate technological designs. On top of this, the sound track for the Anime is beautiful, particularly when you get to hear Horizon sing.

The characterization is another place that people will find themselves struggling to get through during the first four episodes. In truth, the first four episodes are about setting the characters up. One ends up with snip-its of their personalities through out the first four episodes. When the plot begins to really unfold, then to do the characters begin to come out in their full capacity. Of course, a good deal of the male characters come across as perverts. On the other side the characters that tend to be this way are high school who are still learning about life which is interesting in its own regard.

As for my actual enjoyment, this is the kind of show that I enjoyed more after I finished watching it rather then during. It wasn't until after I finished that I could appreciate the complexity of the storyline and the elements that were chosen to be placed into the dynamic.