Jul 13, 2007
Mixed Feelings
Ah! it was kinda painful for me to watch. A!MG is the story of Keiichi, a college student down on his luck and part of the Auto Club with weirdo senpais. That sentence in it of itself would lead one to believe that it is a very interesting anime but in actuality, it wasn\'t.

Don\'t get me wrong, some of my friends actually loved it because it was so sweet, I\'m just not one of them. The idea of a goddess agency in heaven to assist kami-sama in helping the unfortunate is great but I think the plot could have been a lot better. If there were more developments in Season 1, I\'m sure I would\'ve watched Season 2 but I was only oh so glad that I finished Season 1 so I could move onto a different anime.
Reviewer’s Rating: 6
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