Dec 25, 2011
Hazegurl (All reviews)
Hm, it kept me watching for the BL but that's really it. Actually watching it sort of ticks me off because there are tones of better yaoi out there that get one or two half a$$ed OVAs, desexualized series, post poned, given a low budget manga voice acting job, or just plain ignored. While cookie cutter BL like this gets 12 full animated episodes and two seasons. I don't get it. I just don't get it. Maybe stuff like this is considered "safe" in their world of nothing happening storylines. Where the uke must constantly deny his attraction while the Seme becomes a sappy idiot who will wait on the uke forever and turn down any man who comes his way. Safe are the stories that are nothing more than the "problem of the week" for the characters. "I saw my boyfriend talking to a woman...I guess that's much better than him being with a man, he MUST like HER because she's a woman" or the stereotypical best friend who is perfect for a guy in every way BUT will never get the guy he wants.

Seriously, been there, done that, and bought the T-shirt! How many of these SAME BL stories are going to get recycled and turned into craptastic unfinished shows while beautiful yaois like Ai no Kusabi gets pushed to the back burner?? Geez!

Can we please get some of Miyamoto Kano or Mizukami Shin stuff made? What about Complex, Sakura Gari or the beautiful Zankoku na Kama ga Shihaisuru. But nope, I guess I have to wait for anything this mangaka farts out just to get animated BL. *eye roll*