Dec 19, 2011
Detective (All reviews)
This will be a short review on Hidamari Sketch x SP, the seventh installment in the Hidamari Sketch series.

What is a nutbladder? A profound question that has shaken both the very foundation of metaphysics and psychoanalysis. After much discourse on the issue, the Japanese Board of Mental Health and Neurology deemed further discussion on the topic "too intense." Many have taken the debate into their own hands, widely spreading the highly controversial topic onto various image boards, with very positive results. Thanks to these anonymous scientists stationed throughout the globe, much development has recently been made in studying the nutbladder. While many of it's properties and purposes remain a mystery, certain things can be discerned about the nutbladder thanks to these kind anonymous submitters.

1. The nutbladder is a state of mind.
2. The nutbladder is very fragile.
3. The nutbladder, when exposed to Hidamari Sketch, is prone to bursting.

A notable aspect of the nutbladder is the fact that a mental state can "burst." It is not currently known why Hidamari Sketch invokes the nutbladder and how a mental state can do such a thing, but a fringe group of scientific minds have surmised that the reason behind this is the constant mix of colors and high-pitched voices. Subjecting the human body to such unbelievably happy images, whilst barraging it with audio par excellence has been noted to directly affect the nutbladder. This in turn provokes further questions. Why does the nutbladder react so extremely to Hidamari Sketch? Is bursting your nutbladder a positive trait? Why is Yuno so adorable?

We hope to continue this investigation further upon the release of Hidamari Sketch 4th Season, but until then we can only theorize conclusions. Thank you for all your help, and please continue researching this phenomenon by watching Hidamari Sketch x SP!

Note: If this review was over your head, go check out Hidamari Sketch and hopefully you'll begin to grasp the concept.