Dec 9, 2011
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Draconalis (All reviews)
What... the fuck?

That's all I could think as the story progressed. There was an event that got it started, and then as it closed... Let's just put it this way...

This OVA contains elements never present before in this series, and it strays from the idea of the series horribly.

As many have stated before, the art was very nice, though sometimes the character's looks kind of weird. Iori in particular.

On a side note, I almost felt like this was some sort of cross over. The supporting characters that were not apart of the main cast had this "I feel like I should know who these people are, like they are from another series" feel to them.

My last complaint, was that the big bad "coincidence" monster reared it's ugly head a surprising amount of times in a single, two episode story. Coincidences within coincidences... it was an enigma of coincidence monsters... Maybe the monster was pregnant.