Dec 8, 2011
afrowolf (All reviews)
It's probably technically impossible to 'spoil' this particular title, but I'll try to avoid doing so.


There is no story. OK, well, that was unfair. A schoolgirl walks through a park at night and is attacked by a rapist. The a man fends off the rapist and decides to rape her himself (because he lost his job, you see). Repeat until show mercifully ends.

Animation: This is the laziest bit of animation I have had the misfortune of seeing in years. For example, during an oral sex scene, there is almost no variety. Her head goes forward, and back. And Forward, and back. And forward, and back. And forward and back... minutes roll by. Oh, a shot from the rear. And forward and back. OK, that was clearly getting boring for this would-be anime God, which is why he adds some bizarre 1990s image tiling-filter effect that covers the screen in a grid of tiny screens of THE SAME BORING BLOW-JOB. And forward, and back. This occurs again later.

There is a scene in which a man is hit on the head with a rock, which is pretty much how I also felt by that point: me, too, please!

This was probably a mistranslation of "Mental Hazard".

I should mention that none of my rating for this title is based on any moral ideals. I just think you could do better with pretty much any other hentai.

Recommended for:

Recalibrating your personal ratings sensibility with an undisputed dud: "There's no way this could rate a 2! Have you forgotten 'Henbou Moral Hazard'? This is three-times better!"