Mar 18, 2023
In the action-packed dark fantasy anime Akame Ga Kill!, Tatsumi, a youthful warrior, joins the Night Raid, a gang of assassins, in their struggle against the tainted Empire. The anime is based on Takahiro and Tetsuya Tashiro's 2010-2016 manga series of the same name. The anime adapts the first eight volumes of the manga, but its second half deviates from the original plot and offers a unique conclusion.

The anime's story moves quickly, there are exciting action sequences, and a wide variety of characters are included. Each Night Raid member possesses their own weapon, known as a Teigu (Imperial Arms), which bestows upon them unique skills and capabilities. Through interactions and confrontations between Night Raid and their opponents, the anime also examines morality, justice, loyalty, and friendship as themes. As seen by the numerous individuals that pass away during the series, the anime is not afraid to depict the severity and aftereffects of war.

The anime does, however, have several flaws that might diminish its overall brilliance. The anime frequently alternates between serious drama and humorous relief, which some viewers could find to have an uneven tone. Although others are eliminated too soon or abruptly, other characters are undeveloped or clichéd. Some manga fans who anticipated a different result or resolution may be disappointed with the anime's original ending.

All things considered, Akame ga Kill! Is a fun and exciting anime that offers a great amount of action and adventure. It might not be to everyone's taste, especially for those who prefer more jovial or authentic adaptations, but for fans of dark fantasy and anti-hero storylines, it is worth seeing.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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