Nov 11, 2011
ToxxicTeardrop (All reviews)
Nichijou is to me, one of a kind. It emphasizes what seems to be the essence of slapstick comedy, but induces your favorite lighthearted scenario all within the same episode. If you were keen of Lucky Star, Azumanga Daioh, Hidamari Sketch, or Pani Poni Dash, then you would definitely know what I'm talking about. Except, Nichijou, or "EveryDay", takes a twist and turn every now and then to let you know this is not so ordinary, and from there, you're on a wonderful ride to a pure fun and blownout comedy.

Story: 7/10
Not at any point, did I criticize Nichijou for its direction of plot, because first of all, I knew what I was getting myself into, whoever reads the synopsis, or look at the cover even, can obviously expect slice of life and nothing else. It baffles me that there are still idiots (trolls) out there who complain and complain about these shows as if they expected some sort of abysmal plot (I know I might be feeding them at this very moment lol). That's besides the point, Nichijou is episodic, and it's good at it too, that's that.

Art/Animation: 9/10
This. If it did not have this, such a high production value, the enjoyment to this show would be severely cut in half. From your principal wrestling a random wild deer, to chasing down your best friend to retrieve a notebook that contains indecent sketches of your crush you accidentally handed over, it is all done, with the utmost 'epic' of animations I have ever seen in a slice of life, and given that there's no plot, this is a strong and important point to my overall enjoyment.

Sound: 8/10
First thing that caught my attention, wow that opening song, I didn't have to watch it a second time to know that it would become something that will eventually be like a broken replay button stuck in my own head. It's cute, catchy, fun and it captures the feel of the show perfectly. Other than the brilliant OP's, the sound effects for small things, like pouring a cup of tea, or the clear brilliance of using almost every famous and hardcore VA to voice-over an assemble of no-faced soldiers who are just a figment of Yuuko's (The airhead of our show) stupidity. No complaints.

Characters: 9/10
This show is character driven, it is almost impossible to dislike any character, because he or she provides you with entertainment despite what they might be doing. This show is separated into segments for the most part, meaning within the episodes of this episodic show, its episodic within itself. You switch from the school life of Mio, Mai and Yuuko, 3 best friends who let us wander upon their lollygagging, all to just live in the moment. Then we go to the home of the Professor and her robot friend, who she created herself, and happens to be about 8 years old, where the light-hearted part of the show shines, if you can't "Awww" at least once to the Professors' charades then I think your moe button needs to be repaired immediately. There is an extreme variety of characters, so you will be entertained.

Enjoyment: 10/10
An honest score, to say the least. I truly am happy I stumbled upon this show because for one, I saw the entire thing with my girlfriend, and she loved it, and now the both of us are sad that it's over, and two, there just needs to be more animes out there like this. I know, I know! It's too much to ask for more than one brilliant anime a year but come on, be real, it's what we want!

Overall: 9/10
So If you want a good laugh, or more than a laugh.. If you want to "lmao", then yup, I recommend!