Nov 9, 2011
NightmareRWolf (All reviews)
wow, another pokemon movie review. sixth in the series, jirachi wishmaker is one i remember from my childhood quite well and is the first one to feature the hero group from pokemon advanced. though a little on the random side from the series, the story does tie in somewhat from the reference to team magma and groudon. jirachi is a cute little pokemon and it's ability did come into play so i can see how it fits. it seems a bit simple, like there should have been some more there, but it's nothing that makes the movie unwatchable. for a side story like movie, i found it to be enjoyable and cute at times. the art, not much can really be said in that other than it's traditional pokemon. i feel like so far, that hasn't changed for any of the movies but that's personally a plus. the music was pretty good, though previous movies had better. all the original voice actors were there and that, in my book, keeps it relevant and classic. i enjoyed the characters well enough, jirachi was a cutie(despite HIM sounding a lot like a SHE but that's okay), and so on. this is a case however when the antagonist sees the light and error of what he did which was a bit different. normally they are defeated or something(not like with mewtwo in previous movies who had the same thing happen) but not this time. overall, it wasn't a bad movie and i would watch it again if i had the chance to though i admit, it isn't as good as the previous ones. it was simply and only "good"