May 13, 2008
Ranivus (All reviews)
There really isn't much to talk about the ova's apart from the show but it does provide more of the good stuff that is Hidamari Sketch. If you realized that a few key settings were missing from the actual show you're pretty correct. And this is where the OVA's come in. With these two episodes they complete the slice of life formula by adding a cool summertime swimsuit episode (aimed for the boys) and a winter time story that warms the heart (aimed for the girls).

These two episodes are obviously pure fan service but one cant help but feel that this completes the Hidamari Sketch show perfectly. All the silly one shot jokes are all intact but they did throw a few running gags in as well. And all of the characters get their fair share of face time (including the principal).

If you loved Hidamari Sketch and want more of the same thing then this is perfect for you. Even for those that thought there wasn't enough fan service in the series, you NEED to watch this as well.