Nov 8, 2011
NowItsAngeTime (All reviews)
Hidamari Sketch x SP is a two episode special of the still-continuing Hidamari Sketch series.

Just like every season before this one, these specials do not have a big plot or any big drama and instead focus on the daily lives of 6 art school students who live in the same dormitory.

If you aren't a fan of slice of life shows where nothing happens (shows like Lucky Star or K-ON) then these specials (and the series) aren't for you.

If you are interested in this, it is highly recommended that you have watched the first 3 seasons of Hidamari Sketch before watching these specials in order to get properly introduced to the characters and the general format and setting of the series.

For those who have seen the past 3 seasons and have at least liked the series a whole, I would definitley recommend seeing these specials.

The art is great and colorful as always and SHAFT continues to use their quirky animation style.

If you enjoy seeing Yuno's cute naivety, Miyako's energetic craziness, Hiro's girly worries, Sae's voice of reason, Nazuna's shyness, Nori's fun sarcasm or just the interaction between the 6 you have no reason NOT to watch these specials. Yoshinoya, the quirky childish teacher gets a little screentime for those who like her as well.