Jan 24, 2023
TLDR: If you enjoyed the anime, you’ll enjoy this movie.

While many anime franchise tie-in movies tend to feel separated and irrelevant to the main series, this movie feels organic in ways many others fail. It truly feels like a mini-arc that could've been in the anime all along, and a fairly fun one at that.
For one, watching Rimuru and the gang deal with the events that unfold with their familiar antics and catchy chemistry is just as fun to watch as it is in the anime. Without the need for a reintroduction, characters from the anime pop up left and right, getting ample screen time to appease all their fans. The setting and conflicts also feel like they belong in the world of Tensura, helping to deny the “irrelevant” marker found in similar movies. While the plot isn’t as heavy as season 2, it serves nicely in a movie format and makes for an entertaining watch. Especially when that’s accompanied by the amazing animation dotted all throughout the movie.

In my mind, this movie manages to encapsulate everything that makes Tensura enjoyable in a movie format, and I’m all here for it.
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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