Jan 24, 2023
Mixed Feelings
(I will include Gou in this as it is necessary to explain my experience with this)

Well this was surely, Useless? I don't know how to feel, everything seemed pointless, Higurashi ended after Kai.

When i finished the original series, it bothered me why both Gou and Sotsu existed, wasn't it all finished, Rika managed to escape the loop and was going forward to a new life and then she died again and went back to 1983???
Going through the actual anime (Gou) it was a fun experience, seeing the original arcs done in a different way beside Rika's effort, looking like she needed to think outside the box for this one, a bit unecessary as it was already finished in the previous anime, but as a viewer it was good to watch. Until ep 18, Satoko got a very shocking reveal and then we get presented to a boring no-one that wanted to loop Satoko, and she accepts because she is selfish and want Rika for her own

So everything from that point untill the last episode of Sotsu was both of them being selfish and fighting pointless about their destiny when they could do it in a very different way, then it came to me that both animes were result of a completely useless fight that shouldn't have happened if it wasn't for cash. A bad way to revive the series, with the only positive being the true ending and seeing the original characters interact with modern quality, otherwise it is a waste of time to watch this, unless you are a die hard fan that wants to consume every single when they cry work (it may be a worse experience for you)
Reviewer’s Rating: 6
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