Jan 24, 2023
Lycoris Recoil is equal parts action thriller and charming domesticity. While the worldbuilding leaves more questions than answers, it's the characters that embed the story to your core. It happily plays with a box of tropes and familiar narrative beats, and isn't scared of putting the arc shaped peg into the square hole.

Each one of characters and the connections they've made with each other were written with care, and it evidently has finding value in and loving life and people at the core of its message.

In a way, watching the anime felt like getting your usual order of coffee, maybe try new treats, at your local café. And then seeing how you and the other patrons start to get to know each other, and feel comfortable enough to kick them in the ass in boardgames. It would be a poor fellow who doesn't catch on to their surroundings.
Reviewer’s Rating: 7
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