Jan 19, 2023
I normally like this authors works, he's pretty passionate about food and manages to make what seem like really mediocre stories on paper work out but he kind of fumbled on this one.

If you have no prior knowledge of his other works, the character overlaps and their important are lost on you but the guest stars and in universe cross overs are barely touched on anyways so your left asking yourself what the point is regardless.

The gathering of food club members is a breeze, the training is a breeze and the tournaments are pretty skimmed over too which is dumb because that is the entire premise of this manga.

Everything is boring, it goes nowhere and meanders too long on trivial and inconsequential plot threads and it all seems pointless.

It's very average. 5/10. I only recommend it to people into cooking manga, and even then, only if that have left themsleves anxiously nothing else to read
Reviewer’s Rating: 5
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