May 12, 2008
Archaeon (All reviews)

The original To Heart is rather enjoyable. It's a nice slice of life show that gets misnomered as a harem romance. This extension on the other hand, should never have been made.

The story in Remember My Memories is set around a year after the end of To Heart. Multi has left, Hiroyuki, Akari, and the rest of the cast are still pretty much the same. Hiroyuki is pining for Multi though when she suddenly comes back to school, only for everyone to be told she has the robot form of amnesia!?!?

Okay, I'm not going to harp on about the rest of the story, which in itself is pretty much standard fare. The creators decided to turn what was an enjoyabl slice of life show into a true harem romance/drama. The only problem is they failed abysmally.

The art and animation are sorely lacking in Remember My Memories. Gone is the naturalistic character design and the nice watercolour stillframes. In their place the animators saw fit to make the faces more angular (pointy chins abound in this show). The animation is decidely jerky, and the colour palette has been changed to make the show more "cheery" (failing miserably at this as well).

The sound is another area where a lot of corners have been cut. There's no mellow BGMs in this show, and the effects are sometimes random. The voice acting in this show has also dropped in quality (even though the same actors were used - how the hell did they manage that?). Ichijou Kazuya (the voice of Fujita Hiroyuki), must have been up all night smoking and drinking before recording this series. In the original To Heart his was quite smooth and well defined. In Remember My Memories he sounds like he's desperate and screaming all the time. The other voice actors are no better, which makes me think that these changes were intentionally added to "heighten" the drama (when all it did was make me want to kill the characters or kill myself).

The characters are the main reason why the show is a huge let down. As I pointed out, the voice acting was a major disaster, but the character flaws don't just end there. The creators have tried to make Remember My Memories more "dramatic", and with this in mind they have turned the characters into an abomination of what they originally were. In the original To Heart Hiroyuki was a kind, sensitive (if somewhat absent-minded) guy. In Remember My Memories his character comes across as annoying, whiny, selfish, angry (in other words, he's a brat). Akari was originally a gentle, caring girl, and although they tried to keep those traits for her character, they spoiled it by making the show "dramatic". Akari's character flaws are highlighted in many of the "dramatic" moments of the show, especially towards the end of the series. The supporting characters also suffer from this "drama", as many of their characteristics and personalities are just plain annoying now.

I'm not going to recommend this show to anyone except a complete masochist.

If you're a fan of the original To Heart, or even To Heart 2 (which, even though I didn't enjoy it as much as To Heart, is still miles better than Remember My Memories), then do not watch this show- ever! If you like a good story, romance, drama, great characters, great animation and sound, etc, then avoid this at all costs, and go watch Kanon or Clannad, or even Da Capo.

I'm not going to say anything good about this show (so those of you who liked it, don't hold your breath). It's bad - end of story. This series is to To Heart what The Phantom Menace is to Star Wars.

I'm not going to insult anyone who liked Remember My Memories, but I will say this - compare it to any other show of it's type and Remember My Memories loses in every department.

If I could sue the creators for making this pile of ...., then I would happily do so.

Oh, and for those of you who wonder why I didn't drop the show, I should point out that the show has to rate as a 1 or 0 for me to drop it. Remember My Memories may be bad, but it's not the worst I've seen (which is it's only saving grace).