Nov 2, 2011
Gewitter (All reviews)
Please note that this is a Hentai title, and if adult material is not what you are looking for, this is not suitable.

In any case, when you view animes, it is inevitable that you will come across so crazy, goofy, and bizarre that it is apparent that it is supposed to be this way. Iyashite Agerun Saiyuuki is a perfect example of a crazy Hentai title.

At first we get a brief explanation. This is essentially all of the story we really get, learning that your three leading ladies are repairers of some sort, and their methods are bizarre enough that a perverted man-child has them in the palm of his hand, since he knows how they perform repairs.

The entirety of the episode is based on travelling to a city, and then all four characters going to enjoy a brothel.

Our different characters cover some different archetypes, but that becomes all-to-obvious. The characters are simple, but the female leads at least aren't annoying, which is more than can be said for the lead male, but he is actually supposed to be that way.

The art is nothing special, and the sounds are fine. What really draws everything forward is the utter zaniness of it all, and how absolutely crazy everything gets. It would be difficult to expound on this without giving out spoilers, but rest assured, it is completely insane, and the creators absolutely knew this, and intended it to be this way.

Overall, I find this Hentai to be one that should not be based entirely on the standards of other Hentai titles, simply becuase this one doesn't even try to be serious at all. It is worth a viewing, but I won't promise you that it will be excellent. If you find the 'throw-all-pretense-of-seriousness-out-the-window' style to be your thing, I can wholeheartedly recommend this to you. If not, you may or may not enjoy it.

*Very Minor Spoiler - there is Futanari in this anime. If you are not interested in the Futanari genre, you may not really watch it.*