Nov 24, 2022
Mixed Feelings
After 10 years i finally decided to watch it. ok, i have no doubts that this in 96' could be seen as a masterpiece. Original, new, not the usual story. The problem is whether it can still be considered a masterpiece today in 2022? The main flaws I've found are:

- A slow first part, considering the excessive speed of the second part.
- Lore and psychology of some characters completely absent. We know practically nothing about Kaworu. At this point I wonder what's the point of taking it easy in the first part when you then minimize the time for the finale.
- Unlike the others, I don't have any particular problems with the 2 final episodes, but, still, don't want to be repetitive, what's the point of 40 minutes of Shinji talking to himself in practice, when you've dealt with the whole matter with Kaworu in 10 minutes.

Basically my main problem is not the confusing story, or the characters, but the time management they used. There was a lot of lore to cover, at the end of the 26 episodes you find yourself with more questions than answers.

That being said, I think it's an anime to watch, because it's not an obvious anime. But it's not the best of its kind today in 2022. I think that in the "Psychological mecha" category 86 is superior to it, or if you want a simpler "action with drama elements" there are many other anime, like Fate/Zero , which are much more stimulating.

Tron seen in 1982 had a certain effect. Now 40 years later it is decidedly unwatchable. Here we are not at those levels, but for me Neon Genesis Evangelion has aged badly.
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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