Nov 24, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Here is my review of this anime in 2022!

Story (8)
The story is about one man and a girl who survived a disease which didn't have a cure at that time. Not only that, they both got a super power and are immune to that diseases. The background of this anime is on the medieval era. There are a lot of people got that disease and died. The story becomes interesting when the girl gets abducted and the man wants to rescue Her. That's where the journey begin.

Art (10)
The art in this anime is very good! I love how they are scratching frame per frame on this anime.

Sound (7)
SFX and BGM that they used were suitable and adjusted to the animation. But the ending song is not suitable in my opinion.

Character (8)
The main and supporter character is memorable since they have a unique personality.

Enjoyment (7)
It's enjoyable to watch this movie in 2022.

Overall (8)
It's recommended to those who love medieval, action, and less magic anime.
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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