Sep 8, 2022
It's Levis' backstory but now in official full color, if you read the normal black and white manga you know what this work is all about. The only new thing that this has are 6 extra chapters (a prologue and 5 side stories) telling some funny miss adventures of Levi, Isabel and Furlan from before they joined the scouts and after.

The art is spectacular, nothing to complain, it's like reading a more beautiful version of Attack on Titan and the colors match the gritty setting of the manga. To note that Isabel's hair is a powerful red that gets in your eyes, makes her cuter than in the regular version and I loved that. She looks better here than in the OVA adaptation. I can say the same about all characters but she made too much of an impact.

The extra chapters are short and to the point but very funny, not idiotic funny though, imagine Levi trying to clean stuff and you get the idea.
I recommend it to all Shingeki no Kyojin fans, it has young Levi and his friends doing unintentional comedic slice of life things, the fanservice we all want from a crazy series like this.
Reviewer’s Rating: 7
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