Oct 16, 2011
H2 (Anime) add (All reviews)
animimosa (All reviews)
i actually enjoyed this very much.
facts, developments, thoughts, emotions are brought to the audience in a very unique way. mainly through the dialogues the viewer could grasp quite a rich world around this baseball boys and their girls. these dialogues are far from being mainstreamed. open, doubting, unclear - freely, the protagonists are communicating. together with the excellent use of some other rather complex literary methods, like leaving the important unsaid, using details to unfold the complete a.o.; and the clever split of the medias to create wrong predictions or also intend contradictions between the heard and the shown, the told and the thought; this show could entertain on a very fine level at all. often was served a nice sense of humour even using smartly still the silliest stereotypes.
the way how its told opens the possibility to enrich it in your own way. unfortunately to open such possibilities is not a guaranty and the loss of decidedness and clearness may discomfort the laisy-minded.

clear recommendation!!