Oct 15, 2011
juzgalz (All reviews)
This is just going to be a short review.

For me, I enjoyed reading this manga very much! A fan of Itou Junji after reading Uzumaki, I began reading his many other works. After hearing that he's not some psycho manga artist, but instead, a gentle cat lover who drew a cat manga about his real life experience with his cats, I know I must go and read that manga!

All the works from Itou junji that I have read was horror or gore related. Only this was so cute and.. normal! Normal in a way that there's no blood or rotting flesh related things appearing inside here!

It's so comical at how Itou Junji's drawing style are used in this 'normal' kind of environment. Imagine the horrified faces Itou Junji draws, when the protagonist sees a rotted body or spirals or tomie reviving a thousand times (in Uzumaki, Tomie), being used here, when the protagonist is instead, faced with cute and cuddly cats!

It's just so funny and different from his usual works. This is a must read!