Oct 4, 2011
WildNeptune (All reviews)
Ao No Exorcist is set in a battle of exorcists versus demons. It is a typical shonen with a good main character as the backbone.

The backdrop of the story is that Rin and brother Yukio are the sons of Satan and a human mother. Rin inherited the demonic powers, while Yukio didn't. They are taken in by the current Paladin, Shiro, who raises them as sons. Soon, they are thrust in an ongoing battle of the Exorcists versus Demons. The story gets off to a very fast start, but from what I understand, lack of material for the spots the manga covered caused some more prolonged fillers than usual. Towards the end when the story picks back up, there are some "jumping the shark" moments which try to add to the intrigue and plays well on the Rin's character, but ultimately falls flat.

Rin makes an excellent main character. As the son of Satan who wishes to fight demons his very existence challenges the traditional views of the vatican, the major "good guy" base, in the series. He's foremost, a character you like to root for.

His brother Yukio is somewhat a foil to Rin. His personality is pretty much the opposite of Rin's, and even his weapon choice (guns) are contrary to his brother's (A sword). The strong point about both characters are that both of them have a good mix of personal strengths and weaknesses.

As good as the brothers are, the supporting cast fails to meet the same marks. Most of them have some sort of character episode or small backstory, but none of them really have any true development. In comparison, a show like Soul Eater (while having twice the episodes) managed to handle all of the characters in a way that made all of them seem important, this is not true for Ao No Exorcist.

The show has a fairly good mix of comedy and action. Some of the more comedic episodes are actually the stronger ones as they tend to focus more on a characters personality rather than the kinda middling story.

Ao No Exorcist is nothing new to the Shonen world, it suffers from some pacing issues and a bland supporting cast, but has strengths with the mains and overall theme. It's a decent show with some demons to deal with.