May 2, 2008
Gremshula (All reviews)
Ah, Gakuen Heaven. I happen to come across this by chance and I'm glad I did. Now its a storyline based upon the main character (Keita) who suddenly receives an invite to an exclusive academy for boys. Unknown to him, the invite is from an old childhood friend. Throughout the storyline you meet the rest of the characters, like Naruse who automatically falls "in-love" for Keita and spends the entire series fawning over him, calling him his "Honey".

You also see a bit of an "evil" side from the other characters in the story. Keita's doubt at being able to attend BL Academy is very apparent throughout the storyline, especially when the Ozawa twins taunt him, saying he's not fit to attend the school because he has no special talents.

This is very much a Shounen-ai, and you do see romantic tendancies in the show, and apparently almost all the characters have a bit of a "crush" on Keita. Throughout the storyline you slowly notice the real reason for Keita being there (I'll be a bum and not expose why if you haven't seen it).

Long in a short, I found this SUPER funny and really cute. The best parts are the "commercial" areas that show screen shots of various characters... some a little more PG-13 than others *grins* Total love for fangirls. If you haven't seen this, and you want a good laugh, I'd recommend it.