May 16, 2022
Preliminary (29/? chp)
Saikin Yatotta Maid ga Ayashii is yet another boring work from Wakame Konbu. It follows the main characters Yuuri and Lilith getting themselves into a near-copy of the same situation every chapter, creating a very boring experience. What’s this situation? Well:
1. Yuuri accuses Lilith of attempting to kill him
2. Lilith either teases him or plays along
3. Yuuri calls Lilith cute when trying to explain why she may be evil
4. She blushes.
It’s a pretty rigid formula, as each chapter is about four pages, the same number of steps listed above. While this formula may sound cute, it unfortunately, doesn’t change at all.

Something different about how this manga handles this formula is the reader being able to see the two grow closer slightly every chapter. I say slightly because it’s hardly noticeable unless you’re constantly comparing the most recent chapter to the one that was at least 15 chapters before. While yes, this subtleness in writing can be considered good writing and helps separate it from the other manga of the same archetype, it still doesn’t change how this is written. Outside of the words changing a small bit, I say this once again, the interactions don’t.

The manga also features some decent art. Everything about it is very simple and minimalistic, frequently using solid colours and focusing more on monochromaticity rather than shading. The characters are easy to tell apart from the background (sometimes lack thereof) and the use of purple on Lilith’s eyes is nice.

So overall, it’s not worth a read. It can get immensely boring through its repetitiveness, even if it sounds cute. If you are extremely into fluffy kinds of work, you may actually like this manga, but otherwise, I don’t think you would.

Thank you for reading.
Reviewer’s Rating: 3
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