May 13, 2022
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TLDR: Great soundtrack, extremely good art-style, difficult to animate sequences executed above average, rushed story but solid in its themes.

Story: While I would say it was rushed in everywhere but the middle, the story itself had the minimum beats a story needs. I say it felt rushed because many characters get no development/screentime and the development that does happen does "the music that is playing is the emotion you should be feeling".

Art: If you've seen any art or trailers for this movie, the art-style is phenomenal. There isn't much to say about the art-style aside from it making animation a lot harder to blend properly.

In terms of animation, for me it was hit or miss. There is a lot of parkour in this show and this combined with a very actively moving camera and level of detail of the environment being very high made characters moving really fast or sporadic feel out of place. It was about 50% of the time I thought the animation was a little off. There is one sequence though that I really thought was the pinnacle of their animation but I will say which scene it was at the end of the review*.

Sound: Sound was average/what I would expect. Very boisterous at times and very quiet at others. There was a good sense of control with the music that made some scenes very touching or hype, while it made others feel very forced.

Characters: Character designs were pretty solid. They did a good job at establishing everyone's position in the story so if you like not knowing who the villain is or not knowing if someone could backstab someone else, these designs don't really serve that purpose.

Enjoyment: Aside from nit-picking the animation when it came up or feeling like the story beats were rushed, the movie is a fun and entertaining thing to look at. The art-style alone was what peaked my interest so if you are the same you should enjoy it as well.