Jun 30, 2007
Lance20000 (All reviews)
Story: Well the fact that the whole thing starts off with them looking for a Samurai that smells like Sunflowers is kinda weak, but what it grows into is something that only happens in a couple of shows. One thing about this story is it kept me guessing until the end of the series at what would happen.

Animation: Personally I loved this style of animation it was very original and I have never seen a style like this again. But some people wont like this style so if you dont like it oh well.

Sound: Although I am not a big fan of hip hop music I do love this hip hop style. I don\'t know why. I think it is because they mix the action and sound together so well.

Character: The two main characters are just great. They are both pretty funny and and girl that they are traveling with just adds to the formula.

Enjoyment: Great fights, very funny parts and some very series parts that fit in perfectly.

Overall: If you like swords and swordsmen then this is a must.