Sep 26, 2011
MohsinMan99 (All reviews)
Technically, this is the second arc/part of the sixth season so you really need to watch the first one before you can hope to understand everything that's happening here.

The story continues from where the first part left off and Taiki has returned to the Digimon World (from the real world) in order to stop bad guy Baguramon from destroying everything. He arrives to find that quite a few months have passed in the Digimon World since his departure(since time passes differently between the worlds) and Baguramon, during this time has reshaped the entire world to his liking and is preparing to initiate D5(kinda like a digimon apocalypse) which would result in him gaining control of both the Real/Digimon worlds and all dimensions.

His lackeys, called the Death Generals, have each been appointed a certain area of the Digimon World where they will reigns supreme and each of them must be defeated before Taiki and his friends can even hope to face and stop Baguramon.

The rest of the story is about how Taiki and his friends defeat the big baddy and save the worlds. Pretty cliche but executed nicely.

Art is crisp as before and is basically a blend of the style of the older seasons and mecha shows in general. Since this series is focused on mecha fusion action, don't be surprised to see some of the ridiculous fusions/monsters you would find here. Also, unlike the first part, basic FANSERVICE is present in this one. Though, it must be added that it doesn't get in the way of important things.

Sound is much, much better than before. The new tracks are very much likable and the opening "New World" is pretty good. Like the part before it, this part also lacks an ending song. Most of the fusion insert songs are really good.

Not really the main focus of the story but yeah, there is character development. However, it is limited to the main cast and not every minor character but you won't miss that. And it is pretty basic at best so if you're going into this show for the character development, you might as well not watch it.

Honestly, I've enjoyed it so much that I could swear the ending was better than the other Digimon seasons I've watched but your experience will vary. Depending on how much you know about Digimon and its monsters. You'd only appreciate it if you are somewhat familiar with Digimon/monster shows in general. It is not exactly made for someone new to the series so If you're new to Digimon, you're better off watching the earlier seasons.If however you are on the lookout for ridiculous/overblown action of the likes of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann(TTGL), you'd do well to check the series out.

A nice series to get into if you're familiar with Digimon. Also, this is part 2 with regards to continuity so you'd need to watch the other part before heading here. If you don't care much about the monsters and are looking for overblown action in TTGL fashion, this one's for you!